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HeartBit is the world’s first device capable of stress ECG monitoring that is available in a comfortable, wearable format that fits into our training top made of high-quality moisture-control fabrics.

Listen to your heart!

HeartBit is a compact measurement device capable of recording and assessing a real-time medical-grade ECG that allows timely detection of arrhythmia, atrial fibrillation and potential anomalies.

Personalized training program based on your current cardiac status

Comparing the warmup ECG's with the previous session's recovery phase, HeartBit can provide status warnings and recommend a personalized training plan tailored to the desired goal.

HeartBit Fitness

HeartBit is a 3-lead 5-sensor ECG system integrated into a flexible (silicon) chest strap and a compact measurement device to provide laboratory-like heart muscle analysis.

Training Tops

HeartBit training tops are designed for active athletes, who run on a regular basis. The tops are available in four different colors and assorted sizes. We ensure comfort by using breathable, moisuture-control fabrics.

HeartBit Apple Watch Band

Power-bank Apple iWatch-band that will recharge the watch during long runs and other sporting activities.

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Custom developed algorithm detects, analyses and reacts to irregular heart beats during sports activities


Continuous, real time recording and assessment of ECG data


Tailored training plans according to your cardiac status and desired goals


A combined hardware and software solution that filters all disturbing background noise, to provide the clearest possible signal for the algorithm

HeartBit for Smartphones

For the best user experience, download the HeartBit mobile application in the AppStore or in GooglePlay. Beside history reports of your workout, you will also benefit from the Quick Run or Personal Trainer function;,the latter helps you reach your desired goal under supervision. Within the application you will also have the chance to build your social network, compete with your friends and achieve new rewards; from a clinical point of view, you can also send your cardiac report to the doctor within one click.


Recovery is an important metric! It’s shown in many studies that if the heart rate recovery is slow, that suggests the heart condition is not ideal and you need better conditioning.

Athletes are not looking for an advisory coach; they need a portable doctor that measures vitals to a medical standard of precision.

Dr. Eric Topol, Scripps Translational Science Institute, La Jolla, CA

Mounir Zok, Director of Technology and Innovation, United States Olympic Committee

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