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Starting Running Has Never Been So Easy

If you run for 30 minutes a few times per week, you can really lose weight. Many people want to start running and live a healthier life, but they simply don’t know how to begin and aren’t really sure about what to expect from their training plan. Read on to find out all about getting on the right track.

Start Off with Realistic Expectations

Before you even indulge yourself in the actual act of running and exercising, you need to think hard about it and be rather realistic about your expectations. One of the top tips on starting running is to gradually implement it into your life and daily routine.

It will not get you anywhere if you feel like you have to suffer when you run. Sure, it is hard, but in the long run you have to be realistic about what you’re trying to achieve and then stick to it. Setting a goal isn’t always easy, but it is easier if you start small and build up gradually.

Learn to Walk Before Starting Running

That’s right, you need to learn how to walk before you can run. In other words, you need to implement quite a lot of walking before you can indulge in running. Before you run, do take a few minutes to walk a bit faster.

This will warm you up and prepare your body for the high impact training that’s about to happen. Once you start running, you should revert back to walking every time you feel you’re straining yourself too much. These walk breaks will soon become shorter, and you will spend more and more time actually running.

Side stitches will be a thing of the past, as your heart rate will become more stable and weight loss will finally be visible in your mirror and on your scale.

Stick to Your Plan

A running plan will get you far. Running randomly without a plan or goals will probably get you nowhere. You need to determine why you run and devise a plan to make it all happen.

There are various aspects that need to be carefully planned out. How often do you intend to run? How long will your sessions last? What other changes to your lifestyle do you intend to make? Are you going to complement your running with any other training?

These are all questions that need good answers. Once you answer those you will be on your good way to coming up with a great training plan.

Frequency Is the Key

A good run is the one that feels comfortable. Of course, you need to push yourself and break the barriers but not to the very limits of what your body can handle.

On the other hand, there is no predefined amount of time that your running sessions should last, but we can suggest that you start with 30 minutes sessions two to three times per week.

Once you start you should try to stick to it, because frequency is the key. It’s ok to skip a day or two from time to time if you are too tired or feel unwell but try to be as consistent as possible.

Put on Some Running Shoes

Even though it may not seem so at first glance, running shoes are very important, and you need to be real picky when purchasing a pair.

We believe that in order to do so, you should pay a visit to one of the running stores in your area, as their staff is more likely to suggest a real good pair of running shoes that will suit your needs perfectly.

Before the Training

Besides learning how to implement training into your regular daily lifestyle, you will also need to learn how to develop a few new habits. Namely, there are things you simply shouldn’t do before running.

Never eat anything before your run. If you really have to, have the tiniest of snacks and that’s it. Even though hydration is important, don’t drink too much water before running either.

The Bare Necessities

When you go for a run, you will need your running shoes and some comfortable clothes. Besides that, you should always carry your personal ID card with you, along with a few other necessities. Some people simply can’t leave home without their cellphone. This isn’t such a bad idea, as it ensures that you can be reached.

If you can, always take a bottle of water with you, because you need to be hydrated properly. Also, if you like you can bring along a friend. Running with someone is always so much more fun than running on your own.

Heavy Weather Conditions

Don’t let a little rain scare you off. Waterproof clothes should be enough, and you will get warmed up while running, so rain shouldn’t be much of a deal-breaker.

Winter conditions are something else. You need to dress in layers, wear a windproof jacket, and proper running socks.

Leave the Negative Thoughts Behind

It’s rather easy to let yourself be consumed by the dark side. It’s easy to lose motivation and tell yourself that you can’t do it. Leave all these behind and push yourself hard, and you’ll be thanking yourself once you achieve your goals.

If it feels too hard to run, bring along your favorite music, podcast or audiobook. Listening pleasure can be stronger than the pain you feel while running.

Staying positive is the key here, so always strive for that.


No one said starting running is easy. It is hard to stay motivated, but once you devise a proper training plan and stick to it you’ll soon be running marathons. Setting a goal and working hard for it feels great once you feel that sense of accomplishment. And you will feel better and lose some weight. What more could you ask for?