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HeartBit is a 3 bipolar-lead ECG system integrated into a fitness top to provide laboratory-like heart muscle analysis. A custom-developed algorithm detects and provides warning signals about the heart’s stress level during warm up, activity (stress) and recovery states, using an EASI electrode configuration.

2000 x more measurements

HeartBit takes measurements at a sampling rate of 2,000 Hz per electrode, which means 6,000 data points per second in total. Competing devices measure one or two data points per second.

Real time evaluation

HeartBit contains a risk-analysis algorithm, which is capable of diagnosing ischemia and the elevated risk of sudden cardiac death and stroke and provides immediate warning to the user during physical exercise.

Clearest possible signals

The combined hardware and software solution permitting the separation of disturbing noises and valuable inputs from the heart, the muscles and the outside environment – providing the clearest possible signal for the algorithm.


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